My concept for KUB since I started has been to create exclusivity through our designs, so once a certain design has sold out we won’t be restocking that same design twice. Think of them all as limited edition items, once they are gone they are gone.

What’s the reason for this your probably thinking, well as a small business when funds are low, I’m interested in always investing in new products and to make sure that KUB is always delivering on new design ideas for the customers. I’m also on a major learning curve and so I want to always bring out new designs to find out what works best and what do our customers really love.

So if there is a KUB design out there you really love, go get it! Time waits for no one, as they say.

This same concept goes for all our products at KUB in 2022. I’ve written a bit of a product goal list for 2022, I see each new product launch as me reaching small business milestones. The first milestone reached being our new KUB treat belt bag, which is due to hit our website this week. I have already posted a couple of photos of these new treat bags on our Instagram and Facebook page.

The new KUB treat bag is the handiest thing for dog walkers, and when puppy training. You can fit in your mobile, keys, treats, poo bags and even a tennis ball!

Next on our product goal list, is dog raincoats UK. You may have seen us post about our new doggie raincoats on our Instagram page in early Jan, as we received a sample from our supplier. We plan to bring these out later in the year, in three different sizes hopefully.

Plus, alongside all these new products I am working on new designs for new dog harness UK sets. We may even bring out a harness to match the raincoats. These harness sets will include the following matching items; dog collar UK, puppy collar UK, dog harness UK, dog lead UK, dog poo bag and a very cute dog bow tie.

So lots planned for 2022, stay tuned via our social media pages, for new products launching this year!