If you’re looking to find Natural dog treats in UK, KUB Dog wear now stock a healthy range of long lasting chews and healthy dog treats.

Our long lasting treat range now includes:

  • Yak bars
  • Antlers
  • Olive branches
  • Buffalo horns

There are many benefits to these long lastings chews which include, natural sources of calcium, effective teeth cleaning, decay removal and also provide hours of stimulation which can help with separation anxiety.

Also new to KUB are our natural treat boxes which make a great gift but also why not stock up your dog’s treat cupboard, as they really are the best natural dog treats in UK. These treat boxes include:

  • 1 x large pigs ear
  • 1 x puffed pig snout
  • 1 x cow hoof
  • 2 x chicken feet
  • 1 x duck neck
  • 2 x small chicken sausages
  • 1 x large chicken or venison sausage

A KUB top tip for you, if you fill the cow hoof with any wet food such as peanut butter, a banana, or your dog’s wet food and place filled hoof in the freezer, this then turns a treat into a brand new interesting toy for you dog which is longer lasting.

When introducing your dog to any new foods, you should introduce gradually and observe how their internal system reacts. You can do this by only providing them with new treats for 15 minutes to start with the first time and increase this time all being well.