Due to the recent trendy puppy boom, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the need to up your dog’s fashion game is now more important than ever!

Not only do dog collars, dog leads and dog harnesses have a very purposeful job of being safe, secure, comfortable and sturdy, but the combination of the need and want to have all your dog wear UK now in stylish patterns and more importantly coordinated sets seems to be on everyone’s shopping list right now.

When you first get your new puppy home, the next thing on owners minds is to look online at all the latest puppy harnesses UK to see all the new colours and designs that will compliment your puppy and who wouldn’t want to buy their puppy the best and have them looking their best.

There are studies to prove that this shopping experience connects you to your puppy emotionally, from buying KUB dog wear online, to it arriving through your door in the post, trying your new KUB puppy harness UK on for the first time and posting a photo of your puppy on their new Instagram page where your followers are increasing, to then taking your puppy out for brunch on your local high street or to a friend’s house. This is a new culture which has been born in lockdown.

Why is this new culture popular? New puppies and taking ownership of a new puppy is a new increasingly popular trend for young adults and young couples to do as it has a massively positive impact on people’s lives and wellbeing as major shift change from the pre covid city living work obsessed way of life.

KUB dog wear has been created and built to support these new popular lifestyles. At KUB we have two new harness designs launching in January to add to your collection, and we also have a new lifestyle product launching which is our new handy treat belt bag.